Michael On Happiness and Unhappiness

[excerpt from TT: 2001-02-15]

[nemo999] How does one’s unhappiness affect others or their reality; can one person make another unhappy involuntarily?

[Michael_Entity] The degree of Happiness you have in relation to another is entirely dependent on the INDIVIDUAL interpreting the energy exchange. When two or more fragments are interacting, shallowly or intimately, Happiness or Unhappiness is a direct result of expectations fulfilled or not fulfilled. It has been a distorted interpretation by some that this then means you should not have expectations. This is just not possible in most cases. It is biological to have expectations.

Expectations are part of the Intellect and inherent in all Creatures of Reason. This is part of what allows adaptability and survival. The efforts then are not to remove from you an element that is considered biologically vital, but to learn to understand disappointment and how to process that, instead of trapping yourself in it.

Expectation may be better understood as the negative pole of Anticipation, the positive pole being Vitality. It is part of your aliveness that you have Expectation, but as it is a negative pole, it separates you from OPTIONS and recognition of probabilities/possibilities. It is not really possible to remove the experience of Expectation, as it is part of the spectrum of experiencing Aliveness and Anticipation. Understanding the part of the spectrum it is from, though, can lend you a greater freedom.

Allowing yourself to recognize Expectation as part of Anticipation can lead you to Vitality. Vitality is what makes you feel alive and prone to survive a situation that was “not” as anticipated.

So then; your unhappiness can only affect another fragment IF they require your state to match their Expectations. If they, or you (if you are the one being affected) can move into Vitality as part of the experience, then you can adapt and remain happy. If you restrict the experience to only what is Expected, not allowing a more fluid form of Anticipation, then you will create unhappiness.

We also note in response to your question that it is not a matter of voluntarily or involuntarily, it will always be the choice of the fragment supposedly affected as to whether he or she creates happiness or unhappiness. Again, this is linked to our comments about Happiness and its poles of Surrender and Resignation. Your responses can always bring more happiness if you simply Surrender, but to “give up” (resign) can muffle the experience of motion forward in your life.

[Kathie89] In my normal way of reacting to people and situations, I just seem to be happy. Was this an essence choice before I came into this life or is it part of my imprinting or because of my role and overleaves as an old soul?

[Michael_Entity] Anytime you are in touch with Essence and living the life fully, even if the life is not what you “want,” you will be happy.


In the same way a SAGE will always be a SAGE, no matter how it ends up being expressed or oppressed within the lifetime, so is Happiness ALWAYS part of the original dynamic of the lifetime.

There are some elements of life that will ALWAYS be accessible, no matter how hard you try to ignore it or create scenarios to diminish it, and Happiness is one of those things. It is always accessible in every moment. This does not mean you will not, as Essence, create challenges for the life around Happiness, but it is NEVER out of reach.

In your case, Kathie, you have a very fantastical approach to the life and this alleviates the focus on a lot of the “details” that others get “hung up on.”

Those with more exalted Overleaves, in general, tend to seem “happier.” This is due to their ability to see “past” a lot of things.

We put “happier” in quotes, because sometimes this state is more a bandage for wounds that have been overlooked, as well, and will tend to come out in isolation, but not in interactions with others. The happiness there can be valid on all levels, but built on shaky foundations. This is something to consider.

Those with more ordinal Overleaves can be “happy” too, because they may focus  on what is happening in detail, now. The ordinal pitfall can be that the fragment ignores the bigger picture to a fault and builds happiness “serially,” instead of as a whole. Again, this can be valid, but shaky.

[Annette] Can Michael comment on the strong sense of happiness that your children and grandchildren bring to the soul? Is it the joy of being together “again”?

[Michael_Entity] This would be entirely relative. Though the pun was not intended, it works. We remind you that many fragments burn, beat, terrorize, neglect, and murder their children or grandchildren. It is a personal truth, not a global or universal truth, that they “bring happiness to the soul.”

[Shannon] My Artisan mother, in her creativity, has “created” an unhappy, hard life for herself, where it needn’t have been so. What overleaves should one choose, that might have the greatest likelihood of generating a “happy” lifetime (especially for an Artisan)? (You may have just touched on some of this.)

[Michael_Entity] ALL Overleaves have the capability of generating Happiness, it is ALWAYS AND ONLY in the reaction/response to events that determines the spectrum. Though some Overleaves give the life a challenge, we do not believe it is valid to say if you choose certain Overleaves you might be more guaranteed to be happier. Only Choice guarantees this.

With that being said, “happy” Overleaves could be said to be any on the Axis for your particular Role. Any Overleaf that is “popular” during a period of time on the planet, such as currently, Growth and Acceptance, Observation, Idealist, Realist, and Intellectual Centering, can be said to be “happy” overleaves. This is NOT A RULE, only a response to your question.

[MoonSinger] I wondered how much soul age and level affect a person’s ability to be happy? It seems level 6 presents quite a challenge to happiness, or is it really a matter of conscious choice? Choosing to be WILLING to be happy with whatever circumstance you find yourself involved in?

[Michael_Entity] Only the LEVEL presents ease or challenge, not the Soul Age, though Older Souls can seem to “find” happiness easier in general, but even then, they are gripped by deeper challenges still.

Conscious choice in terms of your RESPONSE or REACTION to events will help you to navigate through life’s obstacles. Response allows you to CHOOSE consciously; REACTION, while still a choice, is not conscious.

WILLING yourself to be happy usually will not work. Many of you literally HAVE to be unhappy in order to extract that which will allow you to appreciate and maintain happiness when you find it.

[Liiona24] You stated to Troy earlier that some fragments need others while most can generate happiness in themselves. Could you comment on this further?

[Michael_Entity] We will clarify that ALL fragments can GENERATE Happiness from within themselves, and in ALL cases this will be true, but some fragments require external factors in order to MAINTAIN it. There is the difference. Two fragments can BOTH create happiness for themselves, but of the two, one of them may require more support, interaction, etc., in order to maintain the energy originally generated.