Negative Poles

[Excerpt from TT: 2007-05-16]

Well, as I have come to understand this… one thing to keep in mind is that Michael has explained that the “negative pole” is just a matter of restrictions, not necessarily a “negative” place that we would interpret it to be. Michael has said that some people function perfectly well in the world from that space and it IS their comfort to remain there. Not that it’s “good” for them, or that it’s preferable in the long run, but entire lifetimes can be spent there, or at least with the effort to remain there. Remaining at one end of the spectrum, positive or negative, is not really the goal of a soul, but to be able to function across the spectrum as necessary. The point is that the Overleaves contain a spectrum from a broader, higher functioning down to a more closed, restricted functioning and both ends can be useful.