Old Souls with Baby Souled Parents

[Excerpt from TT: 2003-04-20]
How old are your parents?

[Kimmi] I’ve read channeling from the M’s, that old souls do not pick baby souls as parents.

[Troy] I don’t mean disrespect to any channel who shared that information, but I would have to disagree from my own experiences and collection of information from Michael (through me and other channels).

On the contrary, Michael has said many times through several channels that Older Souls get “teamed up” with Baby Souls quite often. Infant and Mature get teamed up quite a bit, too. This teaming up can take many forms, including family.

The reasons for these odd dynamics are that Older Souls are usually targets for Baby Souls, and Baby Souls usually initiate the internal turmoil Older Souls need to seriously deal with their Self-Karma. Older Souls, in dealing with Self-Karma, sometimes feel compelled to take on the Baby Soul paradigm, challenging the restrictions inherent there. Older Souls then begin to make peace with that part of their past and while also moving Baby Souls forward with the hard questions regarding a broader reality.

Infant Souls are drawn to Mature Souls, and vice versa, because the Infant Soul is nearly always socially unstable, unless in a primitive environment (which does not exist readily any longer). The Infant Soul can find refuge in the caring Mature Soul, while the Mature Soul can experience extremes in empathy.

Can you guys see the potential, interesting dynamic between these couples of Soul Ages?

Young Souls are inherently more isolated because of the competitiveness and dismissal of most things beyond the self.

My parents were channeled as Old Souls, but if they are, I believe they must have only managed to have manifested early to mid-mature, which very well can be the case. The behavior of an individual is not always indicative of True Soul Age.