Other Species Ensoulment

[Excerpt from TT: 2008-05-14]

[Question] I have a question about ensoulled species. Do Cetaceans predate the human ensoulment? And why have Great Apes become ensoulled when they’re on the verge of extinction?

[Michael Entity] Yes, Cetacean ensoulment predates Human sentience, though only in terms that are understood as “earth years.” Both your species and Cetaceans originated in other star systems. Both Human and Cetacean species were on the verge of extinction upon gaining sentience. Part of how a species develops sentience is often linked to the refining of the species to a small population. When a newly-ensouled species shares the planet with well-advanced species, they usually inhabit completely separate mediums, such as Cetaceans living in the ocean while humans evolve on land. In the case with Gorillas, it is going to be an important experiment as to whether the consciousness of humans can expand to a degree that recognizes the value of life beyond its own species, especially as Gorillas begin to develop more obvious tribes. The ensoulment of Gorillas is still an experiment, but it appears to us that it will continue. The Energy Ring (12 Cadres) that is exploring the possibility of ensoulment in Gorillas has the first entity of each Cadre sending specific fragments into the experiment; the most cardinal-cast from each entity. The number of Gorillas with what you would call a “soul” have remained around 24. Several of these have made headlines.

[Question] So, this might be an experiment that will expand elsewhere in the universe? Is this “how” Energy Rings are started?

[Michael Entity] It is not unusual for a species to be sentient-ready and for an Energy Ring to explore it and then “pull out.” Energy Rings are formed long before the choice of a species is explored. If an Energy Ring rejects the species, or the species rejects the Energy Ring, it is free to choose another, or to find a similar species on another planet. An Energy Ring chooses a species and then works as a hive for that species to develop the species’ intellect to a point where it can house sentience. We doubt this experiment will be abandoned. The prospects look enticing to both human and gorilla sentience as the sharing of land and habitat comes under consideration.

[Question] Well, I’m most concerned about a loss of viable numbers and loss of habitat; we’re not bringing in more infant souls for humans and Gorillas are very precarious

[Michael Entity] Your concern is valid. The Energy Ring working with Gorillas is making it a priority to encourage an enlistment of human interaction and inclusion as part of the means for the experiment to work.

[Question] I’m very concerned with all of the environmental issues that affect Gorillas — including too many humans! but it’s an interesting idea to consider on being at ground zero for a beginning sentience

[Michael Entity] Though this is not a prediction, we see most probabilities having far fewer humans over the next century and having much more effective methods for harnessing energy and sharing resources. It may be a bumpy transition into the rooting of the Mature Soul Age on your planet, but it is happening. The implementation of Mature Soul values will most likely resolve everything you recognize as a threat at this point.