Over-complication replaces meaning

[Excerpt from TT: 2008-05-14]

[Question] my question relates to rights of passage/sharing by way of personal road-map/or thesis with other fragments, while tapping into michael entity/another soul family/and, ultimately source/TAO collective group. On 10/25/07 i had a merging with my essence-or my 3rd NDE (near death experience) in this life. Does this happen to all souls when they move from level to level (ie; in my case 6th old to 7th old ) — do overleaves change at this point? I feel a need to write a thesis about the 6th level old. Is this a type of rite of passage all souls go through prior to embarking on the 7th old/or next level of work? Reframing of 12 grand cycles to the 13 grand cycle that i am in – so i do work authentically in alignment with pre-natal agreements & incarnate amended agreements with self/and with others? would it be normal here to discover the true root of your 1st incarnation and connect the dots, so-to-speak, to accomplish my life task? A book of truth on beginnings? pure-channeled from source/tao with help from michael / soul family / my soul family/and source tao collective (to be specific). It appears groups operate with one another up there.

[Michael Entity] We see an unnecessary over-complication of events here, in general. It will always be the choice of the individual to complicate or simplify life, but we point this out as a means to help bring a response to your questions. Often, over-complication is used to replace the process of creating meaning. We bring this up for your consideration, but our response to the specific questions would be:

When one shifts in Soul Age or Level within a lifetime, the shift can take up to 7 years to be fully in effect and Overleaves often change, however the change is usually in terms of axis, such as an Idealist moving to Skeptic, or a Goal of Acceptance moving to Discrimination. This is because Overleaves are biological and unless the body is altered to some significant degree, the Overleaves are already “built in,” so to speak.

If you wish to write a book, then it is up to you to fulfill that wish and the topic is yours for the choosing. To explore the origins, passages, and grander arcs of soul evolution is a topic many would find of interest.