Overleaves and Correlations

[Excerpt from TT: 2003-05-07]

Overleaves and Correlations

In fact, I usually corrolate them this way:
3rd chakra – moving center – mode – action (energy)
4th chakra – emotional center – goal – inspiration (love)
5th chakra – intellectual center – attitude – expression (truth)

Part of the reason for that is that the mode is how we handle our energy, so for me at least, it does correlate with the moving center and the action axis.

Very interesting theory here! I totally see why you would relate these in this way! Cool!

My understanding as taught from Michael is that Centering is “how we handle our Energy”, which is defined by our Center (how we interpret/input energy) and Part of Center (how we emit/output that energy), thus it is resonant with the Axis of Assimillation. Since there are 7 Centers, and our defined Centering/Part is actually just a reference to our habitual use of one over the others, it is the entirety of our 7 Centers that help us Assimillate experiences, and each acting as a contextual bridge between Personality and Essence.

The Goal is Action-based because it is the only Overleaf that REQUIRES a specific type of Action or Physical Plane condition in order to be accomplished or experienced. The Goals are not something we desire or even find inspiring, but they are the factor in our Personality that requires the most external interaction and progressively increases our ability to Choose more consciously. Many people find their Goals daunting and overwhelming to a great extent, because the Goal is more a Context of the life, and your focus of navigation through it.

The Mode IS about how we manage our energy, but it is how we manage the more spontaneous, unconsciously activated energy that we generate (our Emotions), and how we use that in relation to the external world; therefore it is the Inspiration-based set of Overleaves. This is where “desire” does come into play, or the lack thereof, because our Mode is how we RELATE to external reality with this energy. It describes how we manage the Inspiration/Emotion and desire we generate, whether Passionatly, Cautiously, Aggressively, etc.

Because this Overleaf is about managing energy (emotion), the Personality is funneled through this Overleaf a great deal, making this Overleaf one of most obvious traits when getting to know a person.

The Attitude is the part of us that SPEAKS or Expresses. It is our specific, personal, philosophical stance through which we will continually try to contain our life. How we SEE our life is how we SPEAK/Express our Personality. Since the only way to really generate a foundation from which to build a philosophy, the Intellect manages all of that information gained from the traffic of experiences. We then extract all that supports our philosophy (Attitude), which, of course, can sometimes lead to the use of our Chief Features as a means to defend the Negative Pole of that Philosophy/Attitude.