Politicians reflect the Hopes and Fears of a Population

[Excerpt from TT: 2002-01-24]

[Marion324] When the election took place I noticed an immediate change in the tone of the media, newspapers, magazines and so forth. It seemed the tone immediately became more negative and bemoaning economic downturn for example as well as all the threats in the world. Was this doe to shift in parallels or due to media being very tied to who is in power in government? Or am I imagining the whole thing….

[M_Entity] With certain people in power comes certain Karma. The fragment known as George Bush, Jr. certainly has a great deal of public Karma to work out. This kind of Karma is not limited to the personal and public, but those in political power also play out the collective psyches of those they represent.

In the same way that Film and Cinema reflects the fears and hopes and general psyche of a population, so too does a representative politician. Attached to Bush is a large lesson in public humility and the overcoming of “larger than life” obstacles. In his case, “Evil,” or “Satan” represents this. This fragment sees the world in terms of a fight between Good and Evil. The original meaning of the concept of “Satan” was literally any kind of obstacle, but current religion has personified it and the current “war” this fragment “leads” is against his “Satan”. In the end, this Essence seeks to experience the public humility, while also grasping newer concepts of what it means to succeed and be victorious. Along the way, there will be much bumbling.

The collective conscious of the United States, of course, jumped into the “game” and the media ran with these concepts of Good and Evil as a means to rally all together. Although this is rooted in Baby Soul concepts, the irony is the general moving of everyone into Mature Soul connection and empathy.

It is not your imagination that a darker spin has been on the media. It is simply part of the dramatic, transitional background of a Mature Soul world.