Prehistorical human development

[November 28, 2009 Channeling Session with Troy Tolley]

[MEntity] Hello to you, Geraldine. We are here.  You can begin our conversation with whatever questions or comments you may have to initiate our dialog.

[Geraldine] I’d like some information about prehistorical TS & IS. For example, Ra is listed as an IS and was a long term “sun god” for Egypt — but what did he actually do that made him a legendary/mythological figure of reknown?

[MEntity] In terms of prehistorical Infinite Souls and Transcendental Souls, there are only mythologies from which to draw references, as those who actually acted as Manifestations were only “recorded” in tales and stories for thousands and thousands of years.

The reference to “Ra” would be one of those, having actually manifested approximately 6000 BCE, about 3000 years previous to the culmination of the cults who began to implement formal worship and recording. The original manifestation was focused on the transformation of fear regarding nature and the sky, in particular the Sun, into a means of abundance and resource.

Even this reference as a mythological god is one of many “incarnations” of how this Manifestation actually occurred. The stories and myths became embellished over history as a means to tell the story of those telling the story, not of the history, itself.

Once that flexible template is in place, any Entity or Cadre can “play” the role for any group or individual as a means to teach, giving rise to a multitude of variations.

[Geraldine] Are you saying that these TS & IS manifestations aren’t part of the Akashic Records?

[MEntity] No, we are not. We are saying that it is complicated to give you a response with any tangible reference beyond what you have as a reference.  For instance, we can tell you that in 4,000,000 BCE Ti’AT manifested the Infinite Soul as a means to bring the Logos regarding nomadal navigation, but the only reference to this in your perspective might be a few of the “alien” etchings of later cultures.

What we can do is share with you how many, when, and why.

[Geraldine] fair enough — I’m mentally dealing with the length of time culture and incarnational cycles have been part of earth :)

[MEntity] And upon elaboration, possibly tie them to tangible references in your recorded history.

[Geraldine] in the future — I’ll research, stabilize questions and ask more

[MEntity] The fragment known as Ti’AT was not a fictional example, by the way.

[Geraldine] I’m not familiar with Ti`AT

[MEntity] We know.

[Geraldine] LOL no one is, I suppose

[MEntity] That was the first Manifestation.

[Geraldine] and which peoples did it appear to? The Lemurian lighter bodies or humans?

[MEntity] We have been answering your questions regarding the Manifestations within the context of the human species.

[Geraldine] ok — and the Lemurians and the silicone-based peoples would have had their own?

[MEntity] Yes, that is correct.

The list of human Infinite Soul Manifestations would be:
With approximate time frames –

Ti’AT (female – 4,000,000 BCE),
Khro’Te (male child – 2,000,000 BCE),
Ker (female – 1,000,000 BCE),
Sonad, Kin, Serep (brothers – 700,000 BCE),
Tinet, TenTen, Tia (sisters – 500,000 BCE),
Shia (female – 150,000 BCE),
Kendre (female – 75,000 BCE),
“Ra” (male – 6,000 BCE),
“Krishna” (6,000 BCE)
“Lilith” (female – 4,000 BCE),
“Buddha” (male – 500 BCE),
Lao Tzu (male – 500 BCE), CORRECTION: Lao Tzu (male – 4,000 BCE)
“Christ” (male – 5 BCE).

We think we have covered them. This was not an easy task for our channel.

Many of the names are phonetic and rather insignificant in terms of references for you.

[Geraldine] Yes — but, thank you
So, Lilith was an IS, not a TS?
through Michael Toth, she was given as a TS at about 10,000 BCE

[Note: in reaction to the correction of Lao Tzu:]
ok — that makes more sense than two IS in the same year
although that would make Lilith and him simultaneous

[MEntity] In regard to “Lilith,” this would also be correct. A Transcendental Soul manifested in a way that then became a thread that the Infinite Soul used for Manifestation.

[Geraldine] and which IS used it?

[MEntity] Yes, there are often more than one Manifestation.

In what way do you mean “which IS used it?” We know of only One that manifests as Many.

[Geraldine] which name and time frame is what I meant

[MEntity] In regard to “Lilith?”

[Geraldine] yes — since a TS precedes the manifestation of an IS

[MEntity] We are unclear as to what you are asking, but we will try to respond with clarification:
The mythology of “Lilith” includes two past peaks, one in which a Transcendental Soul manifested, and one in which the Infinite Soul manifested.

[Geraldine] I’m likely unclear myself . . .what I’m trying to do today is pin down a series of events that have been mysterious
[Geraldine] OOOH — that I didn’t understand

[MEntity] The more recent Manifestation is the more relevant of what has come to be the myth of “Lilith.”

[Geraldine] Her name and lore was really trashed after that manifestation

[MEntity] Most Manifestations do not take long to be “trashed.” We refer to the Manifestation through Christ as a most-recent example.

[Geraldine] well, that became a religion at least . . .rather than becoming a demon

[MEntity] There is much truth in the cliche that the gods of the past religion becomes the devil of the new. That is often the case, particularly when it involves Baby Souls.

[Geraldine] I just need a few more incarnations and years to see that new pattern :)
Now — questions about 1 million BCE timeframe
Martha shared her session answers with me. Since we both are in Cadres/Entities/Essences  who have had 6-million years of incarnations, I assume we’ve shared time periods or cultures at one time or other. I’m especially curious as to what happened at the 1-million time mark when civilization fell back to fire-only level of technology:
1) What was the level of civilization and culture at that time?
2) What disastrous event happened to knock us back into fire as highest tech?
3) Would humans be classified as “homo erectus” during this period?
4) Did I have any incarnations during this period?

[MEntity] In response to your first question of the set:

[1] Civilization at that point had come quite similarly to what you would recognize as your current civilization, except in that there were no synthetic materials to the extent that your world sees now. However, the use of electricity, broadcasting, and even a kind of “internet” was in place, though only in within more “urban” areas. Transportation included short flights, public buses, and public courier system that acted as a means of exchange. Cities were sprawling for thousands of miles, instead of up. To compare current civilization with that time frame’s civilization is like comparing “apples to oranges,” but as the apple and orange are both similar in that they are “fruits,” so are the two time frames in that they were “modern.”

[2] The greatest blow to the civilizations of that time was a mass epidemic of disease that spread in a way it has never spread since.  The planetary population in most parallels of that time were reduced to the thousands.  The Manifestation through the fragment we referred to as “Ker” actually sparked the rekindling of your species.

[3] The reference of Homo Erectus is a misnomer, but for practical purposes we will say that this refers to the generations following the epidemic.

[4] Yes, you did have incarnations before, during, and after that time period as your Essence was quite intrigued with the entire idea of “starting again from scratch,” so to speak.  Your Essence has always enjoyed that theme.

We believe we have responded to each of your questions from that set.

[Geraldine] The more I contemplate quantum mechanics or parallels, the more paradoxical it becomes to me.
1) Why didn’t our pre-earth humans on Sirius just work things out in a parallel?
2) Why didn’t the beings who became Cetaceans just work things out in one of their parallels?
3) Do the Essences of those who incarnated from Sirius have much longer incarnational patterns than those who came later because our Essences are involved in multiple non-merging parallel experiences?
We don’t seem to have a more incarnations, just much longer pauses.

[MEntity] We will respond to this set of questions now, in order:

There are, indeed, some parallels where this occurred, but other than the parallels that have spawned from those, it could said that there are only 5.

If a set of possibilities is cut off very early, they do not “grow back.”

[Geraldine] ok

[MEntity] In the case with your species, only a relative handful of fragments had even begun incarnating.

The rapid extinction of your species was already coming into effect before most of the first three generations had even reached maturity.

[Geraldine] that WAS fast!

[MEntity] It was a culling.

[Geraldine] If they’d believed us to be “human,” it’d been genocide.

[MEntity] It became illegal for anyone to have your species as pets, forcing an underground movement among various Older Soul species to come to your rescue.

It is a tragic and embarrassing part of that planetary system’s history, and it did not move into mythology. It became a long-term “mission” to balance this interspecies karma (which is more like a collective self-karma than karma). The group of species that some among you have come to identify as “Plaedian” are of that original species who enforced the culling.

Though they were technically not of the Sirus System, they were inhabitants.

[Geraldine] The more I learn, the more questions pop up . . .but that’ll save for another time.

[MEntity] That is the nature of learning.

In regard to the Cetacea:

Again, there are parallels where they continued in a way that “corrected” their otherwise demise, and there are far more of those than your species origin-parallels, as this was a longer-term process of transferring.  There are parallels to accommodate most every possibility, even if only one.

For instance, in 3 parallels at this point, contact and exchange between your home planet and Earth are already a norm.

In regard to your third question:

When the population is relatively low, there are far longer “pauses” between lives so as to accommodate the body/essence ratio of Harmonies.  Your current population nearly matches body per Essence still incarnating.

The more bodies that come to be available, the more often incarnations can be set up.

[Geraldine] So, while the timeframe of 1 million BCE had a huge population and incarnations — the rebuild took a very long time

[MEntity] The rise in population and the stability of a society also allows for those Essences who are designed more for manifestation within a pre-built structure to come in and do their work, and then those who manifest within that wave, etc.

Yes, the population, however at that time was only about half of what your planet carries currently.

[Geraldine] which is why Baby Souls will take a pause as we go more into a Mature society

[MEntity] And yes, the repopulation took thousands of years.

Soul Age has less to do with the process of incarnating as does Cadre and Entity dynamics.

[Geraldine] So, some Cadres and Entities do better in pre-built societal structures?

[MEntity] From what we can see, Baby Souls may “take a pause” only as relief and review after a major “last hoorah” wrench in the transition into a Mature Soul paradigm.

[Geraldine] that sounds ominous

[MEntity] Cadres and Entities have a kind of polarity that we describe as Ordinal and Cardinal. The more Cardinal of a Cadre and Entity tend to incarnate before the more Ordinal.

So to clarify, some PARTS of each Cadre and Entity tend to do better, or find preference in, pre-built societal structures.

For instance, of your Cadre, Entities One, Two, and Three are always “first” to incarnate into, or create, new situations, eras, etc. Entities Five, Six, and Seven then come in after the groundwork is laid.

Within the Entities, then, the more Cardinal Cast of the Entity are usually those who incarnate before the rest of that entity.

Within a Cadre, the same applies.

[Geraldine] That’s a new way of looking at it for me.

[MEntity] Keep in mind that Cardinal and Ordinal are reversed on larger scales from smaller scales, so that Entity One is Most-Cardinal, while the 7th Position in a Cadre is most-Cardinal. It is mathematical and relative.

We will conclude here in our exchange with you.