Proving the Existence of Essence

[Excerpt from TT: 2005-11-06]

[Tibtyk] Greetings, Michael. “Essence” is, to be honest, mainly a word for me. Possibly a feeling, too, but vaguely so, at least not on a conscious level. How can I prove its existence to myself?

[Tibtyk] And how to make the contact between Essence and Personality stronger, more reliable and more intimate? And, of course, more conscious.

[Michael_Entity] The most powerful “proof” you have of your Essence is in any mirror you pass. It is only a matter of perception as to where you see the line drawn between “you” and “essence.”

In the same way that one could ask for proof of Love, only symptoms can be highlighted or emphasized, giving an indication that something valid, yet amorphous, is involved.

The line between “you” and “essence” is an illusion, so to simply see yourself as alive, animated, choosing… this is the most tangible proof.

However, there are experiments to which you can invite your essence to partake.

Essence delights in the opportunity to exist alongside the Personalities it creates. We cannot emphasize that enough.

Much like an awkward parent standing on the sidelines from a teen who thinks he is “all that,” when Personality turns to Essence and asks if it wants to join, it is immediately available and with tremendous amounts of energy, truth, and love.

Adjust your inner and outer vision to a decisive stance that you are gently and enthusiastically open to Essence.

Then determine what you would like to have as “proof.”

It could be as simple as a synchronicity or as complicated as a change in your life.

Ask Essence to bring itself to your awareness at 7:07 every day. And watch this happen.

Ask Essence to bring itself to your awareness by helping infuse you with the energy and empowerment to alter your life to a point of absolute abundance on your terms. And watch what happens.

In all cases of experimentation YOU will be key.

You will not see the 7:07 unless you LOOK.

You will not experience the abundance you seek unless you DO.

And in the end, you will then find the greatest proof of Essence, is you.