Questions on Sentience Structure

[Excerpt from TT: 2005-05-01]

[Fyredeva11] On another list, someone brought up the question of validity that 2 persons channeled as being in the same entity are ACTUALLY FROM the same entity, given that there must be tens of thousands of cadre groups each with Entity 1/5, for example. I ask this in skepticism of having so many channeled celebrities in our cadre. It seems to fall under the need for “specialness” you just spoke of.

[M Entity] It is valid that many fragments channeled as being within the same Cadre and Entity are technically NOT, though the numbers used for convenience are identical. This is especially true of many “celebrities” (historical or current) who are identified as being from among the same Energy Ring as our students. This is simply due to lack of understanding the structure of sentience.

Those we call our “students” are wholly limited to a group of 12 Cadres; an Energy Ring. We have approximately 100,000 students.

This is not to say that others outside of our Agreements will not become students, but we speak of those with whom we have original [agreements].

[Fyredeva11] thank you…(I knew Michael Jackson wasn’t in my entity!)

[M Entity] The confusion as from which Cadre and Entity a fragment comes could be clarified by including the Energy Ring number, but this is still a confusing concept for several of our students and channels. We say this more as a statement of the limitations placed upon the conveyance of the simplicity of the system, rather than as a statement of your ability to understand. For some concepts, our channels are simply limited or uninterested. In other instances, a clear distortion of the system is perpetuated, lending even more confusion to a rather simple construct.

While including the Energy Ring number would help in clarifying specific Cadre and Entity, even the count of Energy Rings repeats. This means that an Energy Ring 3, Cadre 7, Entity 4, exists in multiples, as well.

To help your understanding of the simple, yet awesome, structure of human sentience, here is how we are cast:
1 Ring = 12 Cadres
12 Rings = 1 Sphere
12 Spheres = 1 Arrangement
12 Arrangements = 1 Composition
12 Compositions = 1 Harmony
(up to) 7 Harmonies = 1 Design

ALL of a Specific Sentient species we refer to as a “Design.”

There are never more than 7 Harmonies in 1 Design.

This structure then extends and changes when including other Sentience.

One can see why this is confusing to most, not because of complication, but simply by the sheer enormity of the visualization.

Within all of this daunting information, it can safely be said that if you are studying our teaching, you are within the Cadres and Entities of the same Energy Ring, even if that Energy Ring is numbered differently through our different channels.

Through this channel, we would call your Ring Number 2, Harmony 1.

[Fyredeva11] Artisan flavored?

[M Entity] It could be described as so, but this would be quite simplistic, if not explored beyond the assumptions.

We are from Energy Ring 1, Cadre 11, Entity 4, Harmony 1.

We are part of the same “Sphere” as our students.

We are from Sphere 2.

The previous Sphere 1 (12 Energy Rings) were part of what has come to be known as “Lemurians” or those less-physically dense, though they were still of “human” consciousness.

The mathematical meaning of the numbers referencing your positions is more influential than whether you literally share the same Entity.

[Fyredeva11] positions?

[M Entity] Your resonance and compatibility among you are difficult to validate in terms of Entity and Cadre accurately. Being “wrong” about whether you are from the same Entity will not slow your progress.

Yes, Positions. For instance, a 3rd Entity will still have a specific, mathematical meaning, regardless of its Cadre or Energy Ring.

This mathematical meaning can often be the binding force between two fragments who are technically NOT from the same Entity.

On the contrary, those technically within the same Entity may find absolutely no resonance during specific lifetimes, especially when interpreted through False Personality. Incidentally, Michael Jackson is in your Entity, Kerrin (Fyredeva11).

Celebrity does not preclude a fragment from being our student. Only Choice can do that.

[Annsge] So Michael J could have been a Michael student.

[M Entity] Michael Jackson has been exposed to our teaching. The Personality known as Michael Jackson has chosen to abdicate Agreements with us for this lifetime, but this does not alter anything for his Essence.

[Annsge] According to some in the Michael community, Jackson was Mozart.

[M Entity] It often a mistake to assume that similarities between a past personality and those of a current personality validates a reincarnation. It is more often the case that a fragment creates a spectrum of personalities across a theme, rather than recreating the same for the convenience of recognition.

[Fyredeva11] it just seems odd that if there are, say, a few hundred souls incarnate from an entity- that they would be so far removed

[M Entity] Kerrin, in what way do you use the words “so far removed?”

[Fyredeva11] I mean in so “different” a world. I guess Hollywood seems like a different world, in a sense.

[M Entity] We remind you that our students, even among “your world,” are quite unique among themselves and often cannot relate.