Servers can really get angry

[Excerpt from TT: 2003-04-20]

[Leela] Mom the Server (and I guess Servers can really REALLY get angry!)

[Troy] You had better believe it.  The most monstrous and angry and violent behavior I have ever seen has all come from the Servers.   My abusive mother was a Server.  And god help you if you get the angry Server who discovers subtle forms of manipulation as torture!

Most Servers born in the U.S. before 1970 have been overworked, under-appreciated, and expert martyrs, at least they behave like that.  The United States lacked Servers for so long that any Server who was born here found themselves overwhelmed and angry.  This isn’t necessarily because they actually have too much to do, but that they can sense the serious lacking of nurture among people and families in the U.S.  This is experienced quite sensitively and many Servers find themselves feeling unsupported, invisible, and powerless in this, even if they are supported and loved.  Many more Servers are being born here now, so we should see the concept of support, family, and strong community being a revitalized force here again.