Spun-off Parallels

[Excerpt from TT: 2007-05-07]

[Ann] This past nexus seemed particularly intense. Is there any way of telling if an individual split off a parallel or if it was intense energies only?

[Michael Entity] All of you “spun off” parallels. We have yet to see any of our students who did not.

[H2OSprtlvr] I like the parallel I’m currently in. ;-)

[Michael Entity] One of the ways in which one can tell when a parallel has spun off during a nexus is in that sense of direction, clarity, and momentum that may not have been present before the nexus. This is due to the fact of “your” now being able to focus on what “you” want, and other versions of you having gone on to focus on other paths. For the first few weeks (and sometimes months) beyond a major nexus, a fragment can feel a great sense of progress and confidence, until new layers of decisions begin to be build, leading to new potentials that will then lead to pivotal choices, leading to more convergences or divergences of realities.