Student Agreements

[Excerpt from TT: 2005-02-13]

[sandt1222] Thank you. I still have a lot of questions of the basics. Tonight I would like to ask about the significance of the student groups who study together and the channel they choose.

[M Entity] Channels through whom we work, (and channels who claim to work with us, but do not actually channel us) are all in some kind of Agreement with the students who are attracted to them. Some channels and teachers have Karma among their students, and the dynamic of their attraction to each other is based on that Karmic structure.

Those who are attracted to Troy’s channeling of us are in some way linked to the exploration of Perfect Imperfection; or put another way, “absolute comprehension, compassion, and acceptance of Self and Other.” For other channels, a student may be attracted to Empowerment themes, Relationship themes, Reality Dynamic themes, etc.

It could then be said that each valid channel attracts three kinds of relationships: Monads(1), Agreements(2), and Karma(3). These Monads, Agreements, and Karma would be among the students as well as between channel and student.

1 A single unit of experience comprised of two polarized parts that eventually create inherent lessons and resolutions. There are internal and external Monads.

2 A casual commitment to share a specific experience usually made on a non-physical level of communication.

3 The attempt to resolve a previous interference of someone’s choices that resulted in some kind of intensity.