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Diet, Awareness, Consciousness, and Soul Age

Troy Tolley: August 11, 2009

Diet, Awareness, Consciousness, and Soul Age

Recently I posted from the MichaelEntity twitter account a quote that raised some questions from a couple of students. The quote was:

“…one’s choice in diet reveals more about the level of consciousness, manifested soul age, and body/mind harmony than any other daily choice.”

The reaction from a couple of students was that this “wasn’t Michael.” With some elaboration, it was explained that “Michael doesn’t take such moral stances of judgment.” I was very surprised by that reaction because I didn’t read or interpret the quote as anything more than Michael’s usual, flat statements of information.

Full Transcript: 2004-07-01 – Open Floor

July 1, 2004
Troy Tolley, Channel
Michael Speaks Online – Open Floor

[Note: Here is the transcript from Thursday’s Chat! It was great! I have asked Michael for some clarification on some of it, so there is editing involved. This chat will also be archived in the 7Paths Forum under CHAT TRANSCRIPTS: 2004 Transcripts. I am updating the forum with 2003’s and 2004’s transcripts, so check for them later this weekend. Enjoy! Troy]

Full Transcript: 1999-02-04 – Open Floor

February 4, 1999
Troy Tolley, Channel
Open Floor


[Michael_Entity] Ok, here we go… Hello everyone…

What we’ll do is start with the basic “weather forecast” as some of your are used to, and for those who are not, relax, absorb, and explore later…

We have set aside some time with Otterly [aka Troy Tolley] for New Students in the weeks ahead and hope to make more of you feel welcome in the Teachings… It looks like more than half of you here are fairly new to the Teachings, at least in terms of our Terminology and application, so we will consider this as we move along…

What is wrong with my cat, and can I help him?

[Excerpt from TT: 2001-07-13]

[MaryBV] This may seem like a silly question, but I am having trouble with my cat Chinook. His coat looks icky and he only will eat tuna. What is wrong and can I help him?

[M_Entity] This cat appears to have had the original devic energies choose to leave. Rather than the body passing, it is on “autopilot” with much of your own energy sustaining it. The group of Essences originally care taking for this mammal have diversified and are seeking a litter of kittens. New devic energies may find Chinook of interest, but this may take over 7 months to secure port.

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