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Cadre 1, Entity 5

[Excerpt from TT: 2004-07-26]

5th entity

[Troy] Kerrin, here is some more VERY general info about your Entity 5:

Cadre 1, Entity 5 is a fairly large Entity of about 1400+ fragments (entity 4 is the one that has less than 1000 fragments), and nearly 600 of Entity 5 is cycled off and with about 800 being incarnated at present. Most of the entity is made up of Scholars, Artisans, and Priests who teach, act, entertain, or travel as part of their living.

Roles Correlating to Configuration Positions

[Excerpt from TT: 2002-02-21]

[LisaC] what do the roles listed have to do with the position they were paired with? Like why was server listed as love position?

[M_Entity] LOVE is that which initiates and is part of EVERYTHING. Love, in terms of the Configurations and the resonance to the Server, is in the fact that the Server Essence is primary to this Universe. The Server Essence inspires on a most basic and attainable level, as does Love.

Full Transcript: 2001-12-20 – Open Floor

December 20, 2001
Troy Tolley, Channel
Open Floor

[M_Entity] Hello to all of you. We will begin with an Energy Report as it stands for the weeks between December 23 to January 5. We can announce the tentative, but generally firm, Overleaves for the year 2002 at this time, as well:

Priest, Discrimination, Passion, Pragmatist, Impatience/Martyrdom, Moving Center/Intellectual Part.

It would be more accurate when assigning Overleaves to the general energy of a year to assume each primary Overleaf noted will also shift to its “partner” Overleaf on its axis. This will occur in varying degrees in the same way an individual would use the Overleaves. With these Overleaves “in the air,” many of you are already feeling the impact of that energy, as we noted in our previous discussion.

Do Artisans generally have a hard time working with the public?

[Excerpt from TT: 2001-12-20]

[MaryBV] I would like to know if Artisans generally have a hard time working with the public. I have felt this most of my life, but now with your answer to Julie’s que I am thinking this is true. Are Artisan’s best employed in more solitary professions?

[M_Entity] Most Artisans, yes, as they are Ordinal, unless with a higher amount of Cardinal Overleaves to affect this.

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