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Civilizations rise and fall

[Excerpt from TT (Private Session): 2011-05-26]

[Geraldine] You mentioned a great civilization about 1 million years ago. Where was this located?

[MEntity] Most sprawling cities have always been along coastlines, having various portals and centers, but connected, nonetheless, allowing for them to be “one city.” Most of the coast lines where these existed are no longer coast lines, but could be said to have existed on nearly every known continent at this time.

[Geraldine] How did they integrate their farming/food needs with this type of urban sprawl?

Full Transcript: 2004-04-01

April 1, 2004
Troy Tolley, Channel


[Michael_Entity] Hello to all of you. We are here.

We will begin with the requested energy report.
As has been explained in previous reports, this period of time will now begin to emphasize the energy described in terms of the “mode” for the year. In this case, it would be PASSION/RESERVE.

Overleaves and Correlations

[Excerpt from TT: 2003-05-07]

Overleaves and Correlations

In fact, I usually corrolate them this way:
3rd chakra – moving center – mode – action (energy)
4th chakra – emotional center – goal – inspiration (love)
5th chakra – intellectual center – attitude – expression (truth)

Part of the reason for that is that the mode is how we handle our energy, so for me at least, it does correlate with the moving center and the action axis.

Very interesting theory here! I totally see why you would relate these in this way! Cool!

Correlating Chakras with Centers

May 10, 2003

Correlation Chart

One of the most confusing elements of the Michael information is when we try to correlate the CHAKRAS with the CENTERS, and then try to extrapolate from that. Most times, this is ok, but Michael has never claimed that their system is an extension of eastern philosophy, in fact, the Essence and Personality System stands on its own. I once asked Michael how to correlate the Tarot Cards with the Essence and Personality system, or the Soul Ages with Numerology, and Michael explained that these systems stand on thier own, and are not meant to even if they have compatibility. They said, “To try to superimpose other systems or perspectives over our own, is as valid as investigating the components of Water, Lemons, and Sugar. Though similarities can be certainly found, to confuse or replace one for the other would be disorienting. It is only in the combining of these elements, in appropriate proportions, that you may find your refreshing gestalt.” I hope my exploration here, helps. I will send this as an attachment, following this post, in case this does not translate well. ENJOY!

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