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Atopic Allergy

[Excerpt from TT: 2008-11-09]

[Question] It appears that atopic allergy is partly hereditary, but also that it is not well understood what causes it to break out. Could you comment, especially if there is a way to cure it?

Raising Children

[Excerpt from TT: 2008-10-12]

[Question] On a lighter note, I recently (12 weeks ago) had a child. What general recommendations can you provide on raising children?

[Michael Entity] There is a multitude of responses we could share for that question. For simplistic purposes, we will share three key considerations:

1. One can never give too much constructive, positive attention and affection to an infant, toddler, or teen. Their cries, tantrums, and rebellions are not power plays, but relevant methods for communicating need, want, and pain, however inconvenient those may be.

Full Transcript: 2008-10-12 – Open Floor

October 12, 2008
Troy Tolley, Channel


[Michael Entity] Hello to each of you We are here We will begin by taking the first question.

[Question] Please speak to the phenomenon of feeling being out of touch and un centered, as in with my channeling, sense of self, my body etc, of course this can be interpreted fairly generally. As I am certain we all experience this periodically.

[Comment] yes I’m feeling the same way–so it would be a help to me, too.