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9 Circles of Community

Community is a unique experience of the Physical Plane, defined by natural or chosen resonance and attraction to each other, which is based in many different ways, and sealed by recognition. Below is a map of the contexts with which we define that resonance and attraction. These Circles extend like concentric circles from the fragment and overlap with other people and their Circles.

“True Community” requires physical contact in some way, to some degree, and all of these circles reflect that standard. The farther out the circle, the less confined that physical contact is to a single lifetime.


The Nine Needs


(concept originally presented through Jose Stevens)
This article is heavily influenced by an article by Jose Stevens from his web site a long time ago. As I read it, the channeling came through and some of the terms I left, some were changed, some were paraphrased. This would be an article I feel is co-written with Michael, rather than channeled entirely from Michael. This was written/channeled, I think, in 1997.


“How to thrive in this economy?”

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-07-13]

[Question] What is Micheal’s advice for not just surviving in this economy, but thriving? It seems like there is extra opportunity because everyone else is pulling back. I would like to know we can use those opportunities to their fullest…

[Michael Entity] In terms of lucrative ventures, anything focused on the improvement of daily life is going to be received well, especially if it is affordable and has long-term use or impact, from entertainment to practical gadgets. It appears to us that anything connecting an individual to a group is going to be received well, also.

True community is physical

[Excerpt from TT: 2007-07-08]

[Lightspring] Many of us have been struggling lately with the concept of community. Within the loose community of Michael students, it seems that there are varying degrees of longing for community, as well as differing definitions of it, which is all to be expected among a large group of people. Isn’t the whole point about manifesting love as a group, while at the same time exploring group dynamics and learning from one another, and how can we best do that, given the current limitations of group makeup and communication options that are available?

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