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Concurrents tend to have a theme

[Excerpt from TT: 2011-05-26]

Personal Question for GLB

[MEntity] There are no “rules” regarding Concurrents, but there is often a theme in the “point” of having multiple bodies on the planet at the same time, gathering experiences from different angles regarding that point/theme.

In this case, every Concurrent appears to either be in the process of observing/studying, or contributing to, a theme regarding the potential for “Global Revelation,” even in the most innocuous of incidents, knowing that there are patterns in place that would eventually prove pivotal.

Full Transcript: 2009-12-13 – Open Floor

December 13, 2009
Troy Tolley, Channel


[Michael Entity] Hello to each of you. We are here.

[Question] Hello, Michael. 1) Who was this mysterious Mikao Usui who created the modern Reiki System? 2) What were his overleaves? 3) From your perspective, what is this REIKI or SPIRITUAL ENERGY that practitioners channel…4) what are the factors that have made this practice so popular around the world?

[Michael Entity] For purposes of this format of exchange, we will share a brief response to each of the questions.

Concurrents and adjacent lives

[Excerpt from TT: 2010-10-06 + Private Chat Martha]

The two primary questions asked by Geraldine and Martha were asked as part of the TLE Live Chat with Troy Tolley channeling Michael as “MEntity” on October 6, 2010. The additional information was in response to a private question of Martha’s, answered by MEntity.

Geraldine: I’ve been asking questions in pursuit of understanding parallel existences, incarnations, concurrents, and then the mentioned but not defined “adjacent” lives. Questions that Martha and I asked dovetailed into each other and all of a sudden there is understanding on “clusters” and adjacent lives.” I’m posting her stuff with her permission.

Do concurrents assimilate?

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-12-13]

[Question] Good afternoon Michael; Yesterday evening we were discussing the “close but no cigar” meetings between concurrents. I would like you to elaborate on what occurs when one of your concurrents dies…does the Essence’s other concurrents “pick up” where that one interests, queries, lessons etc “leave off” this lifetime,in other words sort of an assimilation?

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