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Full Transcript: 2000-02-03 – Conscious Connection to Essence 2 of 3

February 3, 2000
Troy Tolley, Channel
Conscious Connection to Essence

[Part 2 of 3 (Also see January and March, 2000), Otterly = Troy]

[Michael_Entity] We are here. One moment.

[Michael_Entity] Welcome to you all. We will begin. What we will do tonight, in light of the topic, is take your questions. We believe an open dialogue may find some insights being gained through exchange. We are preparing a larger work of channeling with Otterly that you will see in the next few days. This piece is being asked of us as a means to understand the different “paths” that might be relevant for each Role. This is too large of a topic to cover in a time-limited chat, but we can respond, nonetheless. Absorption of the material will be more comprehensive, as well, as you read it at your leisure.