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Full Transcript: 2007-03-16 – Open Floor

March 16, 2007
Troy Tolley, Channel
Open Floor

[Michael Entity]: Hello to each of you. We are here.

We will begin with the Energy Report as requested. This is our perspective of the collective patterns in consciousness generated by collective choices and attitudes over a specific period of time.

2007 Overleaves

HAPPY NEW YEAR again! Because I have been recovering from illness and back pain, I believe my channeling is a bit compromised, or at least my ability to convey Michael’s words, so please be offer any feedback for corrections, discrepancies, confusions in the piece.


[MEntity] Here is our perspective of the energy for the time period of your new year 2007 in terms of “Overleaves.” Though energies shift, change, and adapt all year, there is a general energy that can be said to affect the calendar year, at least in terms of your shared reality.

Energy Report: 2010-01-01

January 1, 2010
Troy Tolley, Channel
Energy Report

For most of our students, we saw the last three months of 2009 as being fairly liberating. The exploration of the Chief Negative Features become emphasized during October, November, and December, and last year’s tended toward Impatience and Martyrdom. What we saw happening over 2009 was a genuine exploration of Flow, the Goal of last year, that allowed for a serious examination of how one deals with the challenges of life when there is a lack of control and power; in this case, a lack of control and power over time and often your space, those qualities linked to Impatience and Martyrdom, respectively. What could have turned into rather devastating and intense final few months of the year were met, instead, with resolve, patience, flexibility, pause, and reflection. However difficult the past year was, we have seen most of our students having brought a sort of softness to the process, a kind of trust, and an authentic surrender to those things that are simply not within the immediate control of the Personality.

Energy Report: 2010-03-01

March 1, 2010
Troy Tolley, Channel
Energy Report

March continues the emphasis on the energy of the Goal of Dominance for the year. This describes how many of our students have moved into a sense of direction, awareness of choice, and active participation in building their lives in ways that are felt to be more in alignment with their intentions and desires. The Positive Pole of this energy, Leadership, describes those who are looking at all of the factors that need to come together for fulfillment of a specific intention or direction, while the Negative Pole of this energy, Dictatorship, describes those who are simply demanding or expecting a direction or intention to come together without the work necessary for fulfillment, and with a complete lack of regard for appropriate resources.