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Full Transcript: 2000-02-17 – Open Floor

February 17, 2000
Troy Tolley, Channel
Open Floor

Channeled through Otterly Blue aka Troy Tolley

[Michael_Entity] Yes, we are here. One moment.

[Michael_Entity] Tonight, we have an “open floor” and you will take part in shaping the topic terrain. You may begin asking questions in the format set for this forum. We are ready.

[Nemo999] If I was to materialize on your plane what would it look like to me?

How much does the retrograde of Mercury affect things?

[Excerpt from TT: 2000-03-16]

[MaryBV] I am curious about the contributory nature of retrograde planets to the overall energy and how it effects us. For instance, how much did the recent retrograde of Mercury effects things? It seemed to really effect me, but I wonder if that is more the year’s energy?

[Michael_Entity] All planetary influences are subject to filtering through Overleaves, particularly the Centering. In an Instinctive Centered year such as this, all planetary influences will have a more profound effect. That is, if that particular effect is of interest to be utilized.

What sorts of things might we do to keep our energy flowing unimpeded through the body?

[Excerpt TT: 2000-02-17]

[MaryBV] For the past couple of weeks, a small group of people have been working with Terri with Motherwave breathing exercises. It appears I have an energy block in my knees. Could Michael tell me what sorts of reasons energy can become bottled up in the body? What sorts of things might we do to keep our energy flowing unimpeded through the body?

[Michael_Entity] We would not be able to comment on reasons for energy “blockages” with any meaning unless specifically about a person; the reasons are highly subjective. We can, however, say that on a larger scale this symbolizes where your FOCUS or LACK of focus is.