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The Nine Needs


(concept originally presented through Jose Stevens)
This article is heavily influenced by an article by Jose Stevens from his web site a long time ago. As I read it, the channeling came through and some of the terms I left, some were changed, some were paraphrased. This would be an article I feel is co-written with Michael, rather than channeled entirely from Michael. This was written/channeled, I think, in 1997.


Higher than average incarnations

[Excerpt from TT: 2010-08-04]

[Bobby2] You had told me before that in this grand cycle that I’ve had 372 prior incarnations. From what I gather in comparing my information with others, this sounds like a much high number. Why have I had so many incarnations this grand cycle? Is the larger number typical of the warrior role?

[MEntity] Approximately 30% of your lifetimes appear to have ended before the age of 20 due to overeagerness, recklessness, and general extremes of the Needs of Adventure and Freedom.

Does the fulfillment of our 9 Needs require Others?

[Excerpt from TT: 2001-06-21]

[Liiona24] During last report on Needs, the statement was made that we should watch our reactions and that those indicated where we needed to be doing more for ourselves, if I interpreted correctly. However, some needs appear to be “other” oriented such as Exchange. How is this resolved then, how does one meet a need for “exchange” unilaterally, for example?