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Probability of a Resource-Based Economy

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-05-10]

[luluaussi] hello Michaels. in regard to the approaching nexus: It seems that fear and greed is running neck and neck during these economic times with events such as the bulldozing of foreclosure properties in California which seem not only wasteful but without any real thought to “creating” only destroying …could you comment on this in terms of the upcoming Nexus….does the radical restructuring of the global economy and our connections to each other, how people view their participation in this process come into play with the new platform?

Full Transcript: 2007-05-13 – Open Floor

May 13, 2007
Troy Tolley, Channel

MICHAEL SPEAKS (Europe Online) – Open Floor

[Michael Entity] Hello to all of you. We are here with you.

[gramail] To what extent can one detect a person’s essence and overleaves from the physical appearance – and to what extent are these masked by astrological, genetic and environmental influences?

More Concerns about State of the World

[Excerpt from TT: 2005-02-13]

[flimflamdamn] I know that I almost always ask about current events, so I’m sorry if this question is in any way redundant. But here goes:

[M Entity] We do not require qualification of your questions, nor an apology. But you know this.

Full Transcript: 2003-08-03

August 3, 2003
Troy Tolley, Channel

MICHAEL SPEAKS (Online) – Energy Report with Q&A

[MichaelEntity] Hello to all of you. We are here.

We will begin with the Energy Report as requested:

It appears the more intense energy of June and July is waning as a lull is settling in. This comes after a great deal of physical and mental activity during June and July. As many of you already know the months of June and July brought with them a great deal of Clarity and Implementation. Most of our students dealt with some form of serious change during those months with some form of revelation being implemented. As we had mentioned in our previous report, it is not unusual to implement a serious change, but the difference was in the fact that so many of you participated in such an investment.

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