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Full Transcript: 2009-11-09 – Open Floor

November 9, 2009
Troy Tolley, Channel


[Michael Entity] Hello to each of you. We are here with you now.

[Question] Will Michael please comment on Drunvalo Melchizedek’s claims and the flower of life seminar about mass ascension into Christ Consciousness around 2012?

7 Facets of Mastery

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-11-09]

[Question] What are the 7 levels of ‘true” mastery on the side of truth ???
…is there a group collective consciousness occurring, as, well, as, a
…collective consciousness of all the assortment of 7 levels of a fragment
…(where one can tap into going back to an infant – to the current manifested age,
…and, even forward to the ultimate return to the tao) consciously, and, unconsciously-
…as, if past-present-future and now, are occurring in The Pivot of The NOW ?
or, does love/and, energy also factor into the sum total (since, it is a trine/or trinity) 3 aspects of a cadre/entity?

Full Transcript: 2008-01-13 – Overleaves

January 13, 2008
Troy Tolley, Channel

MICHAEL SPEAKS Online – Overleaves

[Michael Entity] Hello to everyone. We are here. We’ve been asked to expand on the Overleaves in a way that might add more “dimension” and context for the practical use of the Overleaves, and we can do so. What we have shared about the Overleaves, in general, is “just the beginning.” What we will share with you today is how these Overleaves “show up” in the basic contexts of your daily existence. What we will share is a way to be more aware of the Overleaves in a way that can be observed and then that overleaf can be more consciously utilized in other contexts where it might not be so obvious.

Three Tiers of Chief Features

[Excerpt from TT: 2005-06-09]

[Annsge] I would like to know about the secondary chief feature. I’ve heard that it affects the mode and/or it affects relationships. Is there anything in particular that is helpful in working with the 2nd CF? How does it affect relationships–and/or does it affect relationships more than the Primary CF?

[M Entity] We have spoken of the Secondary Chief Feature as affecting the Attitude and the Mode, depending on the context of the questioning. When we spoke of the Attitude being affected, there was less understanding as to how the Mode worked. The Mode is not one of the more understood Overleaves.

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