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Geraldine’s 1st Grand Cycle

[Excerpt from TT (Essence Report): 2011-01-09]

[MEntity] Your Essence chose the Role of Sage over 6 million years ago, relative to the current measurement of Earth cycles around the Sun, when the rest of your fellow Sentience chose their Roles. The Role of Sage was chosen after a series of Grand Cycles that only included the choice for Sage once. The previous Grand Cycles have been explored with the Roles of Sage, Server, King, Warrior, Scholar, King, Server, Scholar, Scholar, Artisan, Scholar, and now a return to Sage. The initial Grand Cycle as Sage proved to be a rather distressing cycle of physical lives so that the Role has been “avoided” to some extent over the following Grand Cycles.

Geraldine’s 2nd Grand Cycle

[Excerpt from TT (Team POF): 2011-04-11]

[Geraldine] Michael – The information on my first Grand Cycle was so intriguing that I’d like to continue in that vein by asking for similar information on my Spark’s Second Grand Cycle as a Server. Would you please describe the species, life cycle, planet, details on its evolution as a sentient species, notable traits, things learned as a server, etc. And, how many from my Cadre shared in this particular GC?

Full Transcript: 2009-07-13 – Open Floor

July 13, 2009
Troy Tolley, Channel


[Michael Entity] Hello to all of you. We are here now. We will begin with a response to Jon’s question.

[Question] What is Micheal’s advice for not just surviving in this economy, but thriving? It seems like there is extra opportunity because everyone else is pulling back. I would like to know we can use those opportunities to their fullest…

Essence is older than role

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-12-13]

[Question] a cosmology question :) – the Universe is said to be 14 billion years old. Recognizing the problem with ‘time’, when were the cadres/entities ‘cast’ out from Tao in relationship to the creation of this Universe? Before, during, or after? (I have been told my essence/soul is also 14 billion ‘years’ old -I am curious how this ‘fits’).

[Michael Entity] Cadres and Entities are cast over and over within a Universe with every return to Tao, which includes the choice of your Essence’s new Role, new Entity, new Cadre, etc for every Grand Cycle. The measurement of time for that Universe and its first casting of Entities is always relative to the Planetary System of the Sentience at the time of such a question.

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