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What’s Michael’s purpose?

[excerpt from TT: 2001-02-02]

[MaryBV] I am curious about the nature of the work that the Michael entity does. What is the purpose of the work and what is gained when a student learns a lesson the Michael entity teaches them? How does the Michael entity learn its lessons?

Students banding together and traveling as a group?

[Excerpt from TT: 2000-03-16]

[Barry] Would you comment on the seeming sudden urge for your students here to effect major changes in their lives? We have become excited recently at the thought of banning together and traveling as a group.

[Michael_Entity] This is the Instinctive Center being explored within your Cadres. These are more memories than they are plans, though there are clues contained within the impulses that are important to each of you individually.

This playful exploration appears to be allowing each of you to seriously support and “see” just what it IS that you would draw from as a talent or skill for contribution to a life you deem full of freedom.

Energy Report: 1999-05-09

May 9, 1999
Troy Tolley, Channel
Energy Report

[Michael_Entity] Hello to all of you, we are here. One moment.
We will get started with the “energy weather report” for the next couple of weeks, then take questions from the floor…

Although we will be sharing what we see ahead as part of your patterns, we will bring to your attention that they are not “new” patterns, they are extensions of what each of you have taken on this year in general as Tasks.