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Connecting with the Past

[Excerpt from TT: 2008-12-14]

[Ladislaus] Michael, I have a seemingly frivolous question. Humans like to party. To drink, dance, socialize, throwing balls and masquerades, playing party games, go to cocktail parties, discos, formal dinners, etc.
From whence comes this party-impulse? Is is just a marginal break from more heavy and important things, a way of “taking a rest” and recuperate? Or is is in itself something central and important? That is my question.

Old Souls with Baby Souled Parents

[Excerpt from TT: 2003-04-20]
How old are your parents?

[Kimmi] I’ve read channeling from the M’s, that old souls do not pick baby souls as parents.

[Troy] I don’t mean disrespect to any channel who shared that information, but I would have to disagree from my own experiences and collection of information from Michael (through me and other channels).

On the contrary, Michael has said many times through several channels that Older Souls get “teamed up” with Baby Souls quite often. Infant and Mature get teamed up quite a bit, too. This teaming up can take many forms, including family.