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How does Centering affect memory?

[Excerpt from TT: 2001-12-06]

[MaryBV] How does centering affect memory?

[Michael_Entity] ALL Centers have their form of Memory in storage and retrieval.

The Intellect stores and retrieves memory in the form of Thoughts, Ideas, and is Visually interpreted.

The Emotional memories are stored and retrieved in the form what are commonly understood as Feelings, Emotions, and are Aurally interpreted.

The Moving stores and retrieves its memories in the forms of Health, Activity, and are Sensually interpreted.

Each Center does affect how events are remembered; especially in the mixture of the Centering with the Part.

Centering for a Year and You

[Excerpt from TT: 2001-01-18]

[MaryBV] I feel much “better” being in my skin these days. Could you comment on the energy around us at the moment, and have we turned a corner into calmer waters?

[Michael_Entity] It would not be amiss to lend validation to the Centering for a Year. Last year was Instinctive Centered, giving rise to a great deal of agitation, fear, automatic reactions, and processing. This year, being Intellectually Centered (Troy’s original channeling of Moving Centered is inaccurate) is far more comfortable for most of you. An Intellectually Centered year can lend a great deal of perspective to what has come to pass. If most of you “look” back over the previous year, for most it will “feel” as if it never was, or that it was passed through in a daze.