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Devic Energies Phasing Out

[Excerpt from TT: 2004-12-12]

[kittlekats41] How do devic energies and elementals fit into the overall physical scheme of things? Will they choose to become an ensouled species at some time or are they an evolutionary end unto themselves?

[Michael_Entity] Devic Energies and “elementals” are placeholders of energy for consciousness to explore specific levels of interaction with a particular planet and its life-force.

In its early stages, a planet is teeming with energies that act as caretakers and even creators/designers for life forms within the various kingdoms of life on that planet. More clearly stated: there are levels of caretaking that non-sentient consciousness can utilize as a means to explore the various kingdoms of life on a planet.

Full Transcript: 2004-12-12 – Open Floor

December 12, 2004
Troy Tolley, Channel

Michael Speaks (Online) – Open Floor

[Michael_Entity] Hello to all of you. We are here.

We understand that this group will be “open floor”, so we will begin taking questions in the sequence we see that has been organized.

[H2OSprtlvr] Now that the elections have somewhat calmed down, can you tell us if we are any closer to a change in the political arena, as in finding the problems with the voting process?


[Excerpt from TT: 2004-08-12]

Lazaris is an entity who is channeled through Jach Pursel. Lazaris claims to have never been incarnated into physical existence and I think Michael has agreed with that claim. Because Lazaris has never been physical, some of their insights and instructions are a little bit disconnected from the human experience, but a lot of what Lazaris says is pretty profound, too. I think Michael described the Lazaris entity as being Sages, Scholars, and Priests, primarily, and that the entirety of that Energy Ring (12 Cadres) from which Lazaris comes has never been physical.


[Excerpt from TT: 2003-05-06]


One thing that is very unique and interesting of the Michael Teachings and Michael is that people who are drawn to the information are not inclined to exclude the teachings/perceptions of other sources. I love that.

I used to enjoy Lazaris a lot more than I do now, because a lot of the information has lately leaned toward more of the foofy stuff, but anyway, I thought this was interesting from Lazaris:

PART ONE: The Seven Faces of Soul

PART TWO: The Seven Faces of Soul

Looking forward to your comments.


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