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Servers can really get angry

[Excerpt from TT: 2003-04-20]

[Leela] Mom the Server (and I guess Servers can really REALLY get angry!)

[Troy] You had better believe it.  The most monstrous and angry and violent behavior I have ever seen has all come from the Servers.   My abusive mother was a Server.  And god help you if you get the angry Server who discovers subtle forms of manipulation as torture!


[Excerpt from TT: 2002-05-23]

[mdfsage_val] How would an Idealist relate to the chief feature of Martyrdom/greed?

[M_Entity] The Idealist sees everything in terms of how it can be improved. This can be a benefit, in that it can help a fragment find ways to successfully evolve many things within the life, Personality, and Essence, but it can also lead to tremendously oppressive bouts of comparing.

Egyptian Flight 909

[Excerpt from TT: 1999-11-18]

[Barry] Regarding the recent crash of Egyptian flight 909, was a crewmember responsible for crashing the plane on purpose? If so, why?

[Michael_Entity] The fragment in question, a Server, appears to have been in deep despair, but he did not do this as only a result of his choice for eliminating his single life.

We will elaborate: When a fragment steps outside of the normally accepted roles and lifts society to a place of obvious great change, even if seen as rebellious, they may be called a Saint. When a fragment does the same thing but in ways that appear to be devastating, chaotic, and without obvious reason, they may be considered pointless and crazy.