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Full Transcript: 2009-11-09 – Open Floor

November 9, 2009
Troy Tolley, Channel


[Michael Entity] Hello to each of you. We are here with you now.

[Question] Will Michael please comment on Drunvalo Melchizedek’s claims and the flower of life seminar about mass ascension into Christ Consciousness around 2012?

7 Facets of Mastery

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-11-09]

[Question] What are the 7 levels of ‘true” mastery on the side of truth ???
…is there a group collective consciousness occurring, as, well, as, a
…collective consciousness of all the assortment of 7 levels of a fragment
…(where one can tap into going back to an infant – to the current manifested age,
…and, even forward to the ultimate return to the tao) consciously, and, unconsciously-
…as, if past-present-future and now, are occurring in The Pivot of The NOW ?
or, does love/and, energy also factor into the sum total (since, it is a trine/or trinity) 3 aspects of a cadre/entity?