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Dealing with Opposition

[Excerpt from TT: 2007-06-17]

How best can we deal with others, when we find ourselves to be in opposition with their lifestyles and belief systems, to the point of some having physical and emotional pain over it? And, is ignoring their choices, to let them be who they are, somehow reflect that we are encouraging those choices by attending something that they are attached to? (We have been discussing certain celebrities, and the choices they make involving fundamental religions and cults.)

Old Souls with Baby Souled Parents

[Excerpt from TT: 2003-04-20]
How old are your parents?

[Kimmi] I’ve read channeling from the M’s, that old souls do not pick baby souls as parents.

[Troy] I don’t mean disrespect to any channel who shared that information, but I would have to disagree from my own experiences and collection of information from Michael (through me and other channels).

On the contrary, Michael has said many times through several channels that Older Souls get “teamed up” with Baby Souls quite often. Infant and Mature get teamed up quite a bit, too. This teaming up can take many forms, including family.

Full Transcript: 2001-05-03 – Open Floor

May 3, 2001
Troy Tolley, Channel
Open Floor

(Request for a mini energy report made)

[Michael_Entity] We are here. One moment, please.

We see the request for an Energy Report, so we will begin there. We will then take questions regarding this, moving on to an Open Floor format that you are familiar with.

This report will be for the weeks May 6 through May 19.

Is there a particular karma that Jews have carried over the millennia?

[Excerpt from TT: 2000-09-21]

[Leela] I’ve been wondering recently if there is particular karma that Jews as a group have carried over the millennia. Is there any truth to this perception?

[Michael_Entity] Races/religious groups can have Karma that is dealt with collectively over millennia, yes. We see those who choose the context of lifetimes as a Jew as participating more in terms of religious imprinting as a means to explore common themes. There is no particular Karma for Jews that we can see being valid as a whole, but the draw to be born as part of this group in any form is highly appealing to Mature Souls seeking intense lessons around family and imprinting. Races and religions create CONTEXTS more than they do Karma. For instance, the race known as Black or African/American is now a powerful draw for newly Young Souls.

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