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Differing memories for different parallels

[Excerpt from TT (POF): 2011-05-01]

[Martha] I want to follow up on my question from the Personal Open Floor chat about people having different parallel memories, and how older souls could slip around the parallels.
I’m starting to feel like I’m from a different parallel than the one I “remember”, but I’m crazy like that

[Michael_Entity] You are a heavy experimentor.

Though we speak to you about this, we do not have the format here to clarify that it is not as fantastical as it may sound.

[Martha] can I get more in my forum?

Full Transcript: 2011-04-10 – Nine Realities

April 10, 2011
Troy Tolley, Channel

Michael Speaks – Nine Realities

[Note: Troy Tolley added the graphic on 2011-04-22]
Graphic to show overlapping realities

[MEntity] Hello to each of you. We are here. We will begin with the requested topic of “9 Realities.” First we will define “reality” here as “realm or dimension of experience.”

The term “reality” is always used literally in terms of a dimension that is apparently separate from another, but these realities often overlap or exist one within another, and there is nothing static about them.

How does Centering affect memory?

[Excerpt from TT: 2001-12-06]

[MaryBV] How does centering affect memory?

[Michael_Entity] ALL Centers have their form of Memory in storage and retrieval.

The Intellect stores and retrieves memory in the form of Thoughts, Ideas, and is Visually interpreted.

The Emotional memories are stored and retrieved in the form what are commonly understood as Feelings, Emotions, and are Aurally interpreted.

The Moving stores and retrieves its memories in the forms of Health, Activity, and are Sensually interpreted.

Each Center does affect how events are remembered; especially in the mixture of the Centering with the Part.

Full Transcript: 2001-12-06 – Centers and Body Types

December 6, 2001
Troy Tolley, Channel
Centers and Body Types

[Michael_Entity] We are here. Hello to all of you.

We will begin with the Energy Report as we see it for the weeks of December 9 through the 22nd.

It is, of course, not a coincidence that many of you have begun discussing the properties and personal experiences of the Centers, as many of you are shifting into next year’s basic Centering at this time. Though a year’s “Overleaves” are not defined entirely and are not static at any given time, there is an overall set that does appear to have influence over varying levels of consciousness, at least symbolically. In the case of Older Souls, that set of influences can begin to take place in the few months before the new year.