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Full Transcript: 2012-11-11 – Open Floor

November 11, 2012
Troy Tolley, Channel

Michael Speaks – Open Floor

[Mstudent_86] Hello Michael. I seek insights about the dragon /Chief Feature of Greed. What is good about it, what are tools to fight it and are there some particular difficulties and challenges in neutralizing it? Thank you. Ladislaus

A personal history with Michael

[Excerpt from TT: 2011-08-04]

[Martha] I’d like to know about my “history” with you, Michael. How many lifetimes have I been a student, and did I know some of you when incarnate?

[MEntity] Your Essence’s history with us is rather extensive in that it has been a student from “the beginning,” when we first came through about 7000 years ago in the Mesopotamia area.

All lifetimes since approximately 4500 or 4600 BCE have since been active as a student, though not all lifetimes exemplified or explored our teaching specifically, as it is really only in this 21st Century that we have been able to lay out our actual Teaching.

Life in Paradise isn’t memorable

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-11-09]

[Question] Years ago in another Michael chat group, there was a lot of discussion about a time in Tonga where there were lots of us Michael students around. While I could certainly relate to the appeal of a beach lifetime, was this valid? I’ve not seen anything about this since.

[Michael Entity] It is valid that many students passed through that region in a group for a while as a means to explore Re-evaluation, but because of the nature of a simplified lifetime, it does not “register” high in the “memory” of a current Personality.

True Community

[Excerpt from TT: 2007-04-04]


The dynamic that we have always seen among our little groups of students has been a dynamic that is as ancient as your commitment as students. It is not amiss to state that your creation and resolution of these scenarios are, indeed, a PART of your commitment as students in terms of your implementation of your work with the teaching. It is also not amiss to state that to the extent that your groups understand our teaching is the extent to which your groups are not repelled from one another.

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