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Full Transcript: 2010-07-11 – Relevancy of Current Events

July 11, 2010
Troy Tolley, Channel

Relevancy of Current Events

[MEntity] Hello to each of you. We are here.

We will first speak to the topic of “current events” as they may be relevant to fragments who are not directly involved, often only aware of such events through public media. Some media/current events stand out strongly to you, and some are missed completely, while others may come to your attention that generate no strong sense at all beyond a prompt for consideration.

Could you discuss the fundamental differences between the two Action Centers?

[Excerpt from TT: 2001-12-06]

[WickedBear] Could you discuss the fundamental differences between the two action centers?

[Michael_Entity] The most fundamental difference is in that the Ordinal pertains to the immediate environment of the Personality and Body, while the Cardinal pertains to all that encompasses that. The Moving Center, then, would govern and process the events of the actual, Physical Body and its health, activity, manipulation of environment, etc. The Higher Moving Center would then govern and process those similar things, but as they pertain to larger patterns that include everything pertaining to the Essence.

How does Centering affect memory?

[Excerpt from TT: 2001-12-06]

[MaryBV] How does centering affect memory?

[Michael_Entity] ALL Centers have their form of Memory in storage and retrieval.

The Intellect stores and retrieves memory in the form of Thoughts, Ideas, and is Visually interpreted.

The Emotional memories are stored and retrieved in the form what are commonly understood as Feelings, Emotions, and are Aurally interpreted.

The Moving stores and retrieves its memories in the forms of Health, Activity, and are Sensually interpreted.

Each Center does affect how events are remembered; especially in the mixture of the Centering with the Part.