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Why have I always been drawn to “ancient” Egypt, the Great Pyramid, and the Sirius star system?

[Excerpt from TT (Private Session): 2004-10-25]

[HeidiH] Why have I always been drawn to “ancient” Egypt, the Great Pyramid, and the Sirius star system?

[MEntity] You are of the few fragments of the Human species whose first lifetimes were not of Earthly-origin.  Before the transport of your species to Earth, you experienced two incarnations as an Infant Soul within the Sirius System.  Your draw to the “Great Pyramid” is because it is the closest, most tangible reminder of your off-world connection.  Although there are time anomalies to consider, “eventually” the “Great Pyramid” will be relevant to off-world contact “again.”

Past life vector with cave art

[Posted by MW on TLE 2011-01]

[Martha] Can you tell me about a past life (that you have not already) that has resonance to my current life?

Concurrents and adjacent lives

[Excerpt from TT: 2010-10-06 + Private Chat Martha]

The two primary questions asked by Geraldine and Martha were asked as part of the TLE Live Chat with Troy Tolley channeling Michael as “MEntity” on October 6, 2010. The additional information was in response to a private question of Martha’s, answered by MEntity.

Geraldine: I’ve been asking questions in pursuit of understanding parallel existences, incarnations, concurrents, and then the mentioned but not defined “adjacent” lives. Questions that Martha and I asked dovetailed into each other and all of a sudden there is understanding on “clusters” and adjacent lives.” I’m posting her stuff with her permission.

Overview of one person’s soul ages

[MW – posted 2011-01-06]

By “rough time periods” I meant roughly what time period.  Troy thought I meant rough as in horrible.  Enjoy! :)

[Question] What are the rough time periods I’ve spent in each soul age?

[Michael_Entity] There are variations on the idea of “rough,” and to you, some of your other lifetimes truly suffered, but the Personalities in those lives may not have found that to be the case at all. So our response will be relative to what you would consider “rough,” but not necessarily what those Personalities experienced.

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