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Energy Report: 2008-07

July, 2008
Troy Tolley, Channel

Energy Report

[Michael_Entity] July marks the shift of emphasis from RELATIONSHIPS/Mode (or how one relates to something or someone or self) to PHILOSOPHY/Attitude (or how one tends to create, filter, and interpret the meaning of experiences). The months from April, May, and June can sometimes be difficult and extreme because of the emphasis of examining the space between you and someone, something, or self. Depending on what is found in that space, the experience can be inspiring or challenging. Though this kind of examination is available throughout the year and the lifetime, those months do allow for greater clarity. Now the clarify and emphasis moves into examining your truths about yourself, your life, and the world.

What Is It To Be An I?

[Excerpt from TT: 1999-02-04]

[S99] A philosopher is asking the question: What is it to be an I? Why would someone ask this question, and is there an answer from your perspective?

[Michael_Entity] This is another attempt within the Human Context to make complexities out of simplicity. There is value in asking this question and this event has done more to spark this question for OTHERS than it will accomplish as an experiment in and of itself. Why someone would ask this…? We all ask this at some point. It just doesn’t usually come with a financial grant. On a minor level this fragment stands more for the “permission” to ask this than anything.