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Full Transcript: 2008-11-02 – Blog Talk Radio

November 2, 2008
Troy Tolley, Channel

Courtesy of OceanCheryl, the transcript is completed from this past sunday’s show. I am posting it immediately, but it will be posted along with the audio at TLE as soon as possible.

Enjoy, and thank you for participating!


TruthLoveEnergy Radio 11-2-08

Older Souls and Politics

Transcribed by “OceanCheryl”

Political Systems

[Excerpt from TT: 2008-06]

[Question] I have recently been involved in discussions with a few of my friends regarding political and governmental systems regarding which are the most effective. My friends would gladly describe themselves as “libertarian” whereas I cannot completely proscribe to such an ideology, if only because their description of “libertarianism” seems to give too much authority to the private sector and private interests; of which I am not entirely comfortable. They would likely label me as “socialist” or as “bleeding heart liberal” if they didn’t know me better!

Full Transcript: 2008-06-10 – Open Floor

June 10, 2008
Troy Tolley, Channel

Michael Speaks – Open Floor

[Michael Entity] Hello to everyone. We are here.

[Question] I see a lot of folks who have bad dreams in my work and have found that while interpretation can be useful, people often find relief just by imagining a better ending for the dream. I don’t remember where I learned that (maybe from you?). Anyway it seems to bring relief from nightmares. What is the mechanism by which this works? is it just that I say it will and people believe me? Or is it something astral? or simply the subconscious mind doing its thing? All that seems to be required is a good imagination and being in “alpha” waves.