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Energy Report: 2004-06-03

June 3, 2004
Troy Tolley, Channel

Energy Report

[Note: I found this report to be disjointed and weird compared to my other experiences of channeling, so the topic was not lost on me. Channeling that night felt all discombobulated and choppy. There is some editing done here for clarity, but you may still see that even I am suffering from some kind of weird unconnection within. -Troy]

[Michael_Entity] Hello to all of you. We are here.

We will focus, as requested, on what is referred to as the “energy report” as we see the patterns in June.

2004 Overleaves

February 5, 2004
Troy Tolley, Channel


[Michael_Entity] We are here with you now. Welcome to all of you.

We will begin tonight with our perspective of the energy for the time period of your new year 2004 in terms of “Overleaves”. Though energies shift, change, and adapt all year, there is a general energy that can be said to affect the calendar year, at least in terms of your shared reality.

What is the probability of Israel being destroyed in the next two years?

[Excerpt from TT: 2002-01-24]

[nemo-sam] What is the probability of Israel being destroyed in the next two years?

[M_Entity] In what way are you defining “destroyed”?

[nemo-sam] A large part of its population killed or nuclear bombs being used on it.

[M_Entity] The probability is actually quite low, at 17% at this time. There is too much interest in that area as a means of intense Young and Mature Soul experiences. Most Essences see more potential in remaining in a tedious destructive path, rather than a “wiping out” and “starting over.”

[nemo-sam] Ok, I was thinking of a showdown coming.