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How can I become more confident?

[Excerpt from TT (Private Session): 2004-10-25]

[HeidiH] How can I become more confident?

[MEntity] The key to your confidence can be found in the exploration of your ideas about Strength and Trust.  At some point in your life you have decided two things:  “strength can harm” and “trust must be earned”. Additionally, you have determined that “confidence” is the result of the combination of “strength” and “trust”. Being wary of both “strength” and “trust”, the result is your sensing a lack of “confidence”.

What is enabling?

[Excerpt from TT: 2009-10-11]

[Question] I’d like a little more insight into the whole enabling deal, [how to tell if you are an enabler, and what to do if you are an enabler].

[Michael Entity] There are various forms of “enabling,” but the generality is that this is a state of passive or active contribution to the harm of another person in the guise of support. The most definitive factor in determining if one is enabling, or not, is if your presence is contributing to the harm of yourself, or to the other. We emphasize “PRESENCE,” as it does not have to be an active presence, but can be a passive one, that helps contribute to the harm to yourself, or to the other.

Adventure during the Nexus

[Excerpt from TT: 2005-03-06]

[upstaate] There is a nexus period, at the end of this month-Mar 23/24-can you expound on the energy flowing for this nexus. The theme was given, thru another channel, to be adventure. Thank You.

[Michael_Entity] The beginning of your year has had the emphasis on the energies that could be described in terms of Role, Centering, and Goal. As with the first three months of any year, the Goal is primarily emphasized and throughout the year the rest of the Overleaves used to describe the energy will eventually be emphasized during their own “seasons.”