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Michael on autism/Asperger’s

[Excerpt from TT: 2011-07-10]

[Diane_H] What is the cause of autism/asperger’s syndrome (a milder form of autism) from your perspective?

[MEntity] From what we can see, Diane, as these are syndromes, there are multiple causes that come together to generate the symptoms that are called “autism” or “asperger’s syndrome.” As this tends to be a developmental syndrome, we think it is partially explained, in many instances, by the Goal of Re-evaluation for the Personality.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

[Excerpt from TT: 2008-05-14]

[Question] Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is said to suffer form an inability to recognize faces. it is almost too ‘appropriate’ Any comments?

[Michael Entity] The condition that the princess experiences is often chosen as a method to help implement the Goal of Flow or Re-Evaluation. For some fragments it is a helpful method to remain present, and distant from concepts of identification. This can be turned into a positive or negative direction in terms of identification as one either sees the overall uselessness of being too defined by an identity, or begins to see oneself as the only “real face” in the faceless masses.

2004 Overleaves

February 5, 2004
Troy Tolley, Channel


[Michael_Entity] We are here with you now. Welcome to all of you.

We will begin tonight with our perspective of the energy for the time period of your new year 2004 in terms of “Overleaves”. Though energies shift, change, and adapt all year, there is a general energy that can be said to affect the calendar year, at least in terms of your shared reality.