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7 Rings of Love

April 6, 2007

In this article, the material was built upon from past material channeled in the past, with just more layers explored. I think this article came about because the original material was just an outline, and some of us really wanted to grasp what it meant to Love.

7 Rings of Love

Full Transcript: 2010-02-14 – Rings Of Love

February 14, 2010
Troy Tolley, Channel
Rings of Love

[~MEntity] Hello to all of you. We are here now. We understand the subject for discussion is our perspective on Love as defined by what some call “Levels,” others call “degrees,” though we think the word “rings” carries a more accurate visual for how these manifest in your life. We also know that we have already provided text documentation of this topic that can be referred to as part of this discussion. [transcript for 7 Rings of Love]