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Self-destruction vs self-deprecation

[Excerpt from TT (POF): 2011-05-01]  

Self destruction is my primary CF and self deprecation is my secondary.

[Martha] Can you tell me when my primary CF was settled on and its status today? I don’t feel too self destructive these days

[Michael_Entity] Self-destruction is one of the more insidious of the Chief Features, and does not always show up as so obvious, especially in the Older cycles. In your case, the fear of worthlessness was planted in the early teens, but quickly countered by a dive into self-expression and self-confidence.

Full Transcript: 2007-08-05 – Open Floor

August 5, 2007
Troy Tolley, Channel

MICHAEL SPEAKS Online – Open Floor

[Michael Entity] AUGUST ENERGY REPORT (as given in the upcoming August podcast)

Healing wounded emotional self

[Excerpt from TT: 2007-08-05]

[cimmarron] Hello Michael. Can you discuss helpful ways to build the immune system and some holistic ways Troy can improve his health?

[Michael Entity] There are many physical efforts, including activity, diet, and supplements, that can sustain or rebuild an immune system, all of which would be in different forms and intake for each individual, but the one, single aspect that is directly related to the state of an immune system is the state of SELF-ESTEEM.

This is true of all fragments.

The state of the immune system is proportional to the state of self-esteem.