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Full Transcript: 1999-03-04 – Dreams and Symbols 1 of 3

March 4, 1999
Troy Tolley, Channel
Dreams and Symbols 1 of 3

[See 1999-09-02 and 1999-10-07 for part 2 and 3, respectively]

[Michael_Entity] Hello everyone. We are here.

We’ll start off with the weather forecast as usual and comment on your shared exploration of symbols on your discussion lists today. We had mentioned in our last couple of interactions that some of you were looking to ANIMALS as symbols for where you were heading in your exploration of probable futures. It is clear that many of you partaking in the discussions today on your lists will be moving further into your EXTERNAL worlds and lending your presence to actions required there. The symbolism in your debate and exchange over where animals stand in terms of rights was obviously not the level of discussion occurring for yourselves internally, with your own Essences, but rather gauging where you individually stand with how much you are willing to give OUTWARDLY this year. Your debate was symbolic.

Full Transcript: 1999-12-09 – Open Floor

December 9, 1999
Troy Tolley, Channel
Open Floor

[Michael_Entity] Hello to all of you. We are here. One moment.

We realize in our Energy Reports we have been sharing more than the usual amount of information. We do this at the request of the channel, Otterly [aka Troy Tolley], not as a means to impose lessons upon you. We do however feel the ability to apply the information we share is sometimes overlooked in the eagerness to “learn more”.

Groups of Seven Work Well Together

[Excerpt from TT: 1999-12-09]

[MaryBV] Ott has suggested that we group together in small groups to work in 2000. Can Michael suggest which people might work better together?

[Michael_Entity] We are unfamiliar with Otterly’s suggestion. We would need some clarification.

[MaryBV] Uh, Ott has suggested groups of 6 with Ott being the seventh to work together. To do advance studies together.

[Michael_Entity] Yes, this seems to be a number conducive for groups who wish to learn and to utilize information for growth and application. In answer to your question, we see all of you capable of being “grouped” with success. For refinement of that [who is who in what grouping], we suggest you trust your intuition and feelings of resonance.