The 7 Stages of the 7th Internal Monad

[Excerpt from TT (POF): 2011-07-04]

[Geraldine] We have the least information on how the 7th IM processes. Taking into consideration that it’s done fully on the Astral, plus includes belief systems allowing for full play of imagination, healing from difficult lives, and a full Review, it may have the same 7 Stages, but how they process would be quite variable and different.
So, I’d like a full listing and description on how the 7th Internal Monad is processed and whether negative/positive poles have any validity on the Astral.

[MEntity] As explained previously, each Internal Monad will have the same Stages of INITIATION, INTROSPECTION, REALIZATION, MANIFESTATION, CONTENTMENT, MAGNETIZATION, and EMANATION. These terms can be altered to reflect the contexts of each Internal Monad, of course, but the point would be similar.

To help understand the relativity of each Stage for each Internal Monad, describing the Poles as more contextual is helpful.

In the case of the 7th Internal Monad, the Stages can be described as follows:
INITIATION comes with a Positive Pole of Transition, Negative Pole of Attachment;
INTROSPECTION comes with a Positive Pole of Grief and a Negative Pole of Denial;
REALIZATION comes with a Positive Pole of Detachment and a Negative Pole of Return;
MANIFESTATION comes with a Positive Pole of Review, and a Negative Pole of Devastation;
CONTENTMENT comes with a Positive Pole of Reunion, and Negative Pole of Haunting;
MAGNETIZATION comes with the Positive Pole of Integration, and a Negative Pole of Fragmentation;
EMANATION comes with the Positive Pole of Transcendence, and a Negative Pole of Dependence.

These Stages can be done in the process of dying, or post-death of the Body.

The Personality matrix, or Etheric Body, does not “die” with the Physical Body that stabalized it as a structure for the lifetime through genetics, and so the work of the Internal Monad can be done while “in” or “out” of the Body.

In other words, “you” do not die with the body.

The Poles describe the Stages of progress that allow for Essence to evolve, and this evolution is dependent upon Transcending the paradigm that is a Soul Age Level.

The Positive Poles describe the process of accepting that one has ended a lifetime, embraces that truth, collects its matrix of energy from the Physical Plane, reviews the lifetime, updates records and checks in with other entity and cadre members, adds the Personality to the collective of Essence, and through that integration comes a cascading effect of integration for all other fragments left over that Soul Age Level, leading to the transcendence.

The Negative Poles describe the denial, attachment, and rejection of the process of death, and remains attached to the Physical Plane, either through family members, objects, time patterns, or even the body, itself.

The Essence cannot transcend, or move to the next Soul Age Level while any Personality is still attached to any time frame, space frame, or bodies.

We can elaborate upon this more at another time, but this mapping may be helpful for now.

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