This Universe is built from Music and Math

[Excerpt from TT: 2000-09-21]

[Dewliet] Lately, certain music has made me ache with inexplicable longing. I get the feeling music might be a “language” for a fragment’s communication with Essence. Could Michael comment on what draws individuals to certain types of music?

[Michael_Entity] This particular Universe is built from and based upon Music and Math. Everything can be reduced to either.

Geometrically, the Universe can be reduced to Circles and Triangles. The resolution or common denominator for each set is the Spiral.

Music is multidimensional in its effect. All “nonphysical” matter, from the Astral Plane and beyond, can be translated into musical shapes and tones. When a multidimensional means of translation and communication is used while Physical, such as is the case with Music, there is a transcendence in many cases to a level of “pure” nonphysical, paranormal resonance beyond the density of matter. For many, Music IS “spirituality” and acts as the means for expansion beyond the more apparent confines of the Physical Plane and Body.

Music is, in particular, an actual kind of language of the Astral Plane and the Messianic Plane. During an incarnation while Personality is extant on the Physical Plane and Essence resides Astrally, Music can act as a direct path to a fragment’s sense of Source, regardless of religion, spirituality, or lack thereof. It also acts as a means to link directly to other Essences and can become a permanent bonding factor between Personalities.

What draws a fragment to a certain type of music is usually linked to Centering and Role.

By the way: Listening to Music is the only means for the impact we have described above. Creating Music is a different context altogether.

We will also add two other factors contributing to the draw to certain types of music: the predominance of your Overleaves as they are arranged on an Axis (more Action, or more Expression, etc.). And we add that “timing” and the events experienced in a life will help create a draw for what is most “needed” by the Personality for healing.