Trilateral Commission

[Excerpt from TT: 2008-10-12]

[Question] Firstly, I did a follow-up question on the Energy issue and used the term “fake” structure for Debt. My meaning was that there is a vast difference between actually owning assets and being in debt for them. Hence, power erodes as debt increases; although, the appearances of power remain. Much has been written over the past several decades that the “true” power behind all governments has been the Trilateral Commission, a group of extraordinarily wealthy industrialists, bankers, politicians, and academics from around the world. They claim their purpose is to foster worldwide cooperation. In theory, their cooperation should have prevented the economic collapse, except some of the members appear to be major players or contributors to the deregulation that caused the crisis. What is the true role of the Trilateral Commission?

[Michael Entity] The so-called “Trilateral Commission” is more powerful in title than in effect. Manic egos conceived poorly this attempt at globalization and could not herd all of its members efficiently or effectively. This organization is short-lived and will most likely lose what little structure and momentum it had going for it.