Troy’s Levels of Channeling

[Excerpt from TT: 2004-07-22]

[Shannon] Troy: OK, then, how do you channel on line without keeping your eyes open? Are you THAT good a touch typist?

Levels of Channeling

In answer to Shannon:

[Troy] The trance I use for channeling on a keyboard is my favorite and it’s different than the trance used for oral channeling.

Oral channeling (I call it my “body trance”) uses way more of my body to transmit Michael, and any distractions can suddenly cut off my connection, so to speak. I have really increased my tolerance for noise, movement, and rowdy discussions since I first started channeling, and increased the ability for Michael to more freely be conversational. In body trance, Michael is a bit less robotic when speaking. In the early days, if someone had to go to the bathroom during a group session, EVERYONE had to wait until they were seated again because I just couldn’t focus. You can imagine the pressure on the person peeing in utter silence while everyone is fidgeting in the living room. LOL!

My “keyboard trance” is my favorite! Writing is a natural strength of mine, so when I am channeling to a keyboard, I really only have to focus in two areas, sometimes only one area. I have to focus on listening to Michael, at first, and try to keep up with their dictation, but eventually the dictation seems to bypass my focus and go straight to my hands. It’s kind of like driving a long distance and you get there and you KNOW you had to have been paying attention, but there is a total gap in your memory as to how you got there! When I don’t have to focus on the dictation, I can actually watch TV, listen to music, look around, but mostly I read what I am typing with as much excitement as anyone else might. Most often I read as I am typing and I get distracted with keeping track of grammar and typos, but you can see those still slip through in a Live Chat. If a person were sitting next to me while I was channeling into a keyboard, I think I would have to focus much more deeply because my body really reacts to other presences.

One other level of channeling is what I call “restaurant channeling”. That’s the level of channeling where I can be completely engaged with another person, but “hear” Michael as if they were on a teeny, trebley speaker. I really have to listen and sometimes the connection seems to have something like static, but I can usually get through it. I call it restaurant channeling because that’s a place I usually end up asking Michael a lot of questions for myself or if I am in a conversation and someone wonders Michael’s perception of things, I can sometimes ask. I rarely use this for anyone beyond me and my best friends (and even that is rare), because you can imagine the annoying dinners I would have otherwise, haha…