Violence is Instinctive, Not Passionate

[Excerpt from TT: 2000-03-16]

[Azure9] Since there was a mention of going into passion around the 20th of this month, I was wondering if that would effect more violence in the world at large? Say like in springtime school violence seems to happen here in the USA.

[Michael_Entity] This is a valid observation, but violence is not related to Passion exclusively. Most violence is Instinctive Centered in actualization though, for example “Instinctive Part of the Moving Center” or “Instinctive Part of the Intellectual Center”. Considering Passion and the Instinctive together, there is a high possibility, but we don’t see the emphasis being there.

What we see already showing as a result of the year’s energy is a reevaluation of sincerity in marriage, relationships, and sexual intimacy. This began when the “volunteer” media icons took the roles in the US as marrying a millionaire out of fun and for money, for entertainment. The absurdity of the institution was highlighted and mocked to make a point. The Artisan, Tom Arnold, contributes to this as well, as he hosts his own web site to help find a mate. The point being made that marriage (or any supposed binding relationship) is nothing more than a contract… love in a relationship is far more bonding. Emphasis this year (and as part of a continual pattern) being on BONDING Vs BINDING.

You will see more of this as the summer progresses. The whole realm of sincerity in relationships of all kinds will come under fire, but in a way that appears to be healing. Any violence in the media that we can see coming at this point is more with intent to take stands and having to defend as a part of that, but not necessarily initiated violence or mindless violence. That angle of violence seems to be coming more in your “fall,” not this summer. People are feeling fairly good as the summer comes in, and most things that are going to be “negative” in distraction, most will want to ignore.